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Poppleton Ousebank Primary School Poppleton Ousebank Primary School
Tel: 01904 795930

About our school

Our Headteacher, Estelle O'Hara, has been in post since 2007, and since that time has worked with school leaders to achieve Outstanding status and in partnership with the Governing Body to convert into an academy, forming Hope Learning Trust, York with the local Secondary School, Manor CE Academy. Since then, the Trust has merged with Sentamu Learning Trust and is now Hope Sentamu Learning Trust.


School leaders are relentless in their development and encouragement of staff and pupils. They drive school improvement and makes links with other successful schools to form fruitful partnerships and share good practice.


Poppleton Ousebank has a culture of high expectations and professional drive, with research, collaboration and staff debate at the centre of school improvement. We are an outward facing school, with a view that we still have much to learn and much to give. This makes our school an exciting place to be.

School Motto

“Capturing the Imagination of Young Minds”

School Awards