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Mathematics teaching at Poppleton Ousebank Primary School is based on the principles of Teaching for Mastery, which originally came from exchanges with teachers in Shanghai. Mastering maths means pupils of all ages acquiring a deep, long-term, secure and adaptable understanding of the subject. This is achieved using a range of pedagogical strategies, most notably small steps of learning and careful variation of representations and questions. 

Research shows that children taught following a mastery approach have a much deeper and more connected understanding of mathematics and can not only carry out procedures, but understand and explain the maths underpinning them too. The approach is based on a large amount of research, some of the key articles can be found here:



White Rose Maths Progression Years 1-6

Supporting your child with maths at home


Be positive about maths. Don't say things like "I can’t do maths" or "I hated maths at school"; your child might start to think like that themselves.

Point out the maths in everyday life. Include your child in activities involving maths such as using money, cooking and travelling.

Praise your child for effort rather than talent - this shows them that by working hard they can always improve.

Support your child to learn their times tables and number bonds - knowing these facts fluently will support your child in all areas of their maths learning. 


The link below has some ideas of games and activities to support your child in their maths learning.

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