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Poppleton Ousebank Primary School Poppleton Ousebank Primary School
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The Nursery Day

Here is an overview of a typical day in Nursery.

On Arrival

When the children come into Nursery they put their lunch box on the trolley, put their coat and bag onto their peg and then self register before washing their hands.

Settling In

Next the children are encouraged to settle to an indoor activity of their choosing.

Whole Class Sessions

Nursery come together, in the carpet learning area, to say hello to each other, go through our calendar, talk about today’s learning and enjoy a story. Each day there is another opportunity to come together for learning activities including our topic, art, stories and songs. As we progress through the Nursery year we add short phonics and maths teaching sessions.

Free Choice Time (child initiated learning)

During the morning and afternoon sessions the children have access to all the Nursery provision - both indoor and outdoor. They choose where they play and explore and are supported by Nursery staff.

Group Time (adult led learning)

Children have time to learn in small groups, where they have opportunities to talk and discuss together. They may be asked to complete a task, play a game, have a go at mark making or do some counting.

Snack Time

We have snack time during both the morning and afternoon sessions. The children have a drink and fruit or vegetables are available, snack time gives us an opportunity for conversation.

Lunch Time

Children bring a healthy packed lunch and drink from home. Nursery sit together to eat lunch.

Hall Time

We use our time in the school hall for physical development activities, drama, games and dance.

Forest School

We visit the school forest for outdoor learning. We may go on a walk to look for seasonal changes, build dens, make natural artwork or other forest school activities.

End of the day

Before going home we recap the day and then share a story or songs together.

School Motto

“Capturing the Imagination of Young Minds”

School Awards